About Michael Mollick

In his twenties, Michael Mollick distinguished himself as a painter, working in pastels, oils, and colored pencil before migrating to photography and the world of digital computers. Digital photography and Adobe Photoshop provide the perfect modern tools for one of Atlanta's most innovative Artists.

Born in Biloxi, Mississippi, 1964, Michael began playing piano at four-years-old, his talent for recognizing auditory and visual patterns manifesting early across multiple artistic disciplines. In 1989 he got is first computer, quickly transitioning to digital photography, painting, film and F/X, before turning his attention to patterns relevant to novel, screenplay, and story structure.



"Everything is story".


The memories we cherish, the best images and portraits we take must contain some measure of a story relevant to all or just to our loved ones. Having worked in all fields of photography for over thirty years, Michael excels at telling award-winning stories with both images and words.


"It's done with experience, perfect lighting, and a certain smile."


From 1985 to the late 1990s, Mollick established himself as a prolific real world painter who often captured near realistic details in oil and colored-pencil. The bulk of his original work sold to private collectors, but here are a few pieces mostly owned by his children and family.

This is Mollick's original site for fine art work and prints.

Here's a link to his series on Fractals and the book which explains the innovative images.

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