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Portrait photography is the bread and butter of most professionals. It requires an artist's eye, their judgement on background, lighting, lenses, posing, composition, and their model's most natural states. This requires experience, humor, and raport. In an age where selfies seem to rule, Southern Pix' professionals are adept at teasing out the best characteristics of people without the silliness or pretence of their own cell-phone captures. The difference in lighting, style, and honesty of a professional portrait is rich, vital, immediately apparent. Our professional images are permanent and memorable proof of who we really are and why each of us matter so much. More than any other field of photography, portraits tell us the most beautiful stories and truths about ourselves. We especially enjoy the busy but personal work of capturing High School Seniors; young adults freshly ripened into the characters and personalities they'll be for the rest of their lives. Whether it's in the studio or outdoors among the elements, NO ONE does it better than Southern Pix photographers. Here's a sampling...

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$100 hour long Christmas photo session at the location of your choice makes the perfect gift or family Christmas card this holiday season.





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