Superior seasoned photography.

Our group of seasoned photographers have worked their craft for 30 years or more. They have taken millions of professional images in the fields of school photography, sports, dance, weddings, barmitzvas, architecture, commercial food and fashion. Southern Pix offers the absolute best in professional quality lighting, camera and Photoshop editing technologies. Working in association with School Pictures of Georgia, and Score Photo, Inc, we have the experienced personnel and full-time staff to offer 24 hour support, convenient scheduling, and timely, professional service.



Our Photographers are the best of the best in the industry; an artistically gifted dream team rich with personality, talent, and technical lighting proficiency.


We know how to capture any subject under any lighting conditions and we guarantee the best possible image. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we'll do it again or issue a refund. We don't just make images, we make beautiful, professional quality keepsakes and memories.


We'll manage it all seamlessly, regardless of event, school, wedding, corporate or sports occasion.


We travel extensively throughout the South Eastern United States, but do most of our work and unparalleled Photoshop editing right here in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Having been a part of this industry for 30 years, we know and contract with only the very best and most experienced local photographers and editors, who know how to work events efficiently and invisibly.. Welcome us to capture your events and you'll quickly see why we're the best of the best Imageers in the South.




$100 hour long Christmas photo session at the location of your choice makes the perfect gift or family Christmas card this holiday season.




116 Heron Crossing

Woodstock, GA 30188