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If you were ever a coach, team-mom, or associated with organized youth sports in any way, there's a chance one of Southern Pix' master photographers have already taken yours or your child's picture. Our "Imageers" are the best of the best, traveling throughout the South Eastern United States, to leagues from Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina, but most of our work has been here in North Georgia. We offer hassle-free scheduling, setup, and effortless shoot management which ALWAYS runs on-time when your parents do. Even when they don't, we know the methods to get teams in and out quickly and deliver timely, memorable images guaranteed to satisfy. We offer products for fundraising and we'll shoot in the locations you choose, outdoors, indoors, or on green-screen utilizing unique and memorable digital backgrounds or with your association's logo. Our bargain volume pricing and turn-around is always competitive with today's industry leaders. Our EXPERIENCE shows and your parents will see it. Here's a brief sampling with a few of our products...

High School and Action Shots

We do action shots as needed and High Schools keep us working year round because of so many dances, competitive youth athletics and organized clubs. We cover any and every event and will work closely with year book advisors and staff to ensure we meet their specifications and demands. Here's a brief sample...

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$100 hour long Christmas photo session at the location of your choice makes the perfect gift or family Christmas card this holiday season.




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