Martial Arts

Southern Pix will come to your studio or chosen location, set up a full-length green-screen and capture the forms, power, and self-defensive actions which YOU teach to your students. The magic happens afterwards in the alpha channel composite of our digital studio where we make more than just an image. We create a timeless, beautiful, and affordable piece of Art. WE provide the experience and digital artistry to capture your student's mastered forms & dynamics...

We'll provide the forms and sample backgrounds for your students, which often may include your own desired image, logo, or phrase. You set the schedule and leave the rest to us.

Learn about the digital art of green-screen technology in the following Blog article...

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$100 hour long Christmas photo session at the location of your choice makes the perfect gift or family Christmas card this holiday season.




116 Heron Crossing

Woodstock, GA 30188